Storage Silos and Dry Powder Handling


WEARCO NSW has extensive experience in bulk materials handling.

While the majority of our projects have been on Lime (either Hydrate or Quicklime) a variety of other powdered materials have been handled including Cement, Sugar, Ferro Silica, Precipitator Dust, Flour, Grain, Manganese Dioxide, Fly Ash and Electric Arc Furnace Dust. WEARCO offer a complete materials management system from receipt of dry product into storage silo to withdrawal on demand and metering into the required process. Each system is individually engineered to handle the requirements of the particular material.

Bin Activators

Activators eliminate bridging, rat-holing, arching and ensure a positive discharge of material on a ‘First in – First out’ basis without the introduction of air or contaminants.

WEARCO bin and storage pile flow activators are of heavy duty construction and include an integral shut-off gate as a standard feature. A unique keyed seal with its inner liner provides a positive material seal that cannot slip or move. Noiseless, with low power draw, they are available with an electrical control package for integration into any process.

The low head room design offers savings in silo construction and compact plant layout. Activators from 900mm to 3500mm cover all difficult to handle materials and may be easily retro-fitted to existing plant. Their use with downstream metering and feeding equipment for either batch or continuous processing results in low maintenance, dust tight and reliable materials handling.

Bucket Elevators

Custom built bucket elevators suit many applications, from abrasive to free flowing materials, using either belt or chain systems. WEARCO bucket elevators are made of a simple heavy duty, state-of-the-art design to provide a strong, reliable and easy-to-operate machine with standard modular casing sections for quick and cost effective maintenance.

Bucket options range from pressed mild or stainless steel to HDP plastic, with different design geometry to suit the type of discharge required.

Drive systems range from shaft mounted to foot mounted.

Vibro Conveyors, Micro Hoppers

WEARCO are designers and manufacturers of custom vibratory conveyors. Each unit is designed to be almost noiseless in operation and give dust tight conveying. Single units can convey up to 7.5m long with greater distance from multiple units or counter mass configurations. With low power draw and no internal moving parts, the “Microhoppa” conveyor provides excellent transportation of dusty, abrasive or high temperature materials.

Screw Conveyors

WEARCO screw conveyors and feeders are individually designed to robust mining specifications which provide reliable and efficient operation whilst retaining the strength to withstand arduous duties. The unique standard design incorporates outboard bearings and heavy duty gland seals to ensure no leakage or contamination and provide a reliable delivery of material.

The casing construction is simple, compact and can be supplied with trough or tubular design, in mild, stainless or special steel. Drive systems can be supplied foot mounted using chain or belt drive, or direct shaft mounted, with either fixed or variable speed.

Belt Conveyors and Feed Hoppers

WEARCO have designed and supplied several medium to heavy duty conveyors and hopper feed out systems. A computerised design performance program and assistance from Certified Design Engineers ensures we manufacture a system to suit the application nominated first time, every time.

Examples of feeder hopper assemblies are shown here with a bulk loader hopper complete with grizzly screen deck positioned above.

Additionally special purpose feeder hoppers can be designed and manufactured to suit the needs of our clients. The following hopper assembly was designed as a Bulka Bag breaking and receival hopper. The Bulk Material storage Bulka Bags are dropped onto a breaking spike with a fork lift and material is immediately released quickly and in safe condition for operators.