Heavy Machinery Augers and Attachments


WEARCO is a recognised distributor and stock holder of the Digga Australia range of Heavy Machinery Augers and Attachments. The breadth, variety and high standards of products produced by Digga allow us to provide our customers with a world class quality product.



Diggas’ Augers are 100% Australian. Manufactured with 26yrs experience in drilling design and technology, Digga provide an extensive range to suit your individual requirements; light industrial to heavy duty, single cut, double cut and fully-flighted augers. Custom made Augers of all types with most styles of teeth are available upon request.

Digga augers can drill through Earth, Clay, Concrete, Bitumen and most fracturable rock.

Auger Teeth

image007 image008 image009
TS-1 TS-2 TS-3

image010 image011 image012
TS-C-1 TS-C-2 TS-C-3

image013 image014 image015 image016 image017 image018
PS-1 PS-2 PS-3 PM-1 PM-2 PM-3

image019 image020 image021 image022 image023 image024
TM-1 TM-2 TM-3 TM-C-1 TM-C-3 PH-3

Std Range OAL/Flite Thickness Standard Sizes Available Teeth & Pilots to suit Suits Equipment Range
A1 900mm/6mm 50mm (2”) – 325mm (13”) TS/PS One Man Machine
A3 1200mm/6mm 100mm (4”) – 600mm (24”) TS/PS Agricultural Equipment
A4 1200mm/6mm 100mm (4”) – 900mm (36”) TS/PM PDD – PD4
A5 1500mm/8mm 150mm (6”) – 1000mm (40”) TS/PM-SQ. PD4 – PD7
A6 1500mm/8mm 150mm (6”) – 1200mm (48”) TM/PM-SQ. PD4 – PD10
A7C 1500mm/8mm 150mm (6”) – 1000mm (40”) TTC/PM-HX PD5 – PD10
A7D 1500mm/8mm 150mm (6”) – 1000mm (40”) TTD/PM-HX PD5 – PD10
A8 1500mm/10mm 150mm (6”) – 1500mm (60”) TM/PH-3 PD12 – PD20
A9 1500mm/10mm 150mm (6”) – 1500mm (60”) TTD/PH-3 PD12 – PD20
A10 1550mm/12mm 150mm (6”) – 1500mm (60”) TTD/PH-3 PD25 – PD50
A11 1550mm/12mm 150mm (6”) – 1500mm (60”) TTL/PH-3 PD25 – PD50