Drill and Blasting Tools


WEARCO continue to provide the most reliable equipment and components to the mining and quarrying industry.


Bench and Production Drilling

WEARCO stock a ¬†comprehensive range of bench and production rock drilling tools including everything from 1” rope thread equipment all the way up to T51 thread equipment.

Shank Adapters

The task of the shank adapter is to transmit rotation torque, feed force, impact energy, and flushing medium. It is made from specially selected material, to withstand the transmission of impact energy and rotation from the rock drill to the drill string, and is hardened through carburizing.

Down The Hole Equipment

DTH equipment gives the driller quality holes. In the 110-171 mm range, DTH is the dominant drilling method today. Superb hole straightness (within 1% deviation without guiding equipment); good hole cleaning; smooth, even walls for easy charging of explosives; deep hole drilling capacity and efficient energy transmission are benefits that have effectively sidelined other drilling techniques.

After Sales Service

Stay sharp with Secoroc grinding equipment. To get top production from your hammer and maximize the number of drill meters from each bit, regular sharpening is essential. Worn buttons can quickly reduce bit penetration and adversely affect hole straightness. A sharp bit reduces wear on the drill string and decreases downtime and maintenance cost on the drill rig.