BIRN Ventilated Turbo Pulley


WEARCO is a distributor for BIRN. Vald Birns A/S is one of Europe’s leading producers of transmission components.


VTP-Pulley (Ventilated Turbo Pulley)

VTP-Pulley. The VTP-Pulley is a V-belt pulley in a completely new design incorporating all aspects of optimised performance of V-belt pulleys. One of the improvements most worthy of mention is a combination of design and quality casting which has resulted in a weight reduction of up to 50% compared to conventional V-belt pulleys. Furthermore, due to the tilted spokes, the internal tensions of the V-belt pulley are reduced considerably.

Iron Quality. The iron quality of GGG 60 allows the circumferential speed to be increased up to 100 m/sec. and the wear of the V-belts is considerably smaller than by the use of grey iron.

Higher Effects Transmission. The V-belts will have a lower working temperature. Up to 17°C lower than with standard V-belt pulleys. This is of great importance for the lifetime of the V-belts.

ACC-Surface Treatment. ACC-surface treatment (Autophoretic Coating Chemicals) is a new and more efficient surface treatment of castings. Among other advantages, the ACC-process adds a higher chemical resistance to oil, petrol, brake fluid and lubricants, and exceptional physical properties of the cured film (6H-pencil hardness), and priming paint and finishing paint can be applied direct to the ACC-surface.

VTP-Pulley Advantages

  • Increases the life of the V-belts due to the ventilated grooves resulting in lowering working temperatures (10°C-17°C).
  • Lower weight means less moments of inertia and requires smaller bearings. Logistic costs are reduced.
  • Is made in nodular cast iron with a new design resulting in smaller tensions in the pulley.
  • VTP-pulleys make it possible to use the V-belt transmissions at higher ambient temperatures.
  • Shock resistant, diminishing risk of damage during transport and mounting.
  • Allows more than a doubling of the belt speed (up to 100 m/s). Test @ 130 m/s.
  • New surface treatment. ACC – Autophoretic Coating Chemicals – ensures improved rust protection.